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I’m over at the SMP Author Blog today with a little cold and flu humor as it relates to writing. The common cold might just be underappreciated by the writing community. We should embrace this winter sickness and welcome our colds.


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Welcome a head cold? you ask. Why would anyone in his or her right mind want to catch a cold?

I know I don’t. I hate being sick, especially with the head cold that turns into bronchitis and a sinus infection. You know the one I mean. Where you end up barking like a cross between an angry Rottweiler and a giant sea lion in mating season. The illness that turns your normally melodic soprano voice into a second bass who can’t speak above E below middle C, much less sing. The head-cold-from-hell that makes you wish you had stock in Puffs or Kleenex because you had to buy out the grocery store to keep up with your draining sinuses.

Well, that’s what it’s been like for me this past three weeks.  To read more click here.