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Book 2 Shifting_805x1275 (2)Today Wednesday Writers welcomes D.R. Grady, author of the paranormal romance series The Dragon Chronicles.  I love paranormal books, and actually collect dragon figurines, so this is right up my alley. Tell us about your book, D.R.

Not fitting in is something most of us have experienced in life. That terrible awareness where we don’t quite belong in the conversation or life experiences of those present. It’s a lonely, sometimes debilitating situation none of us care to repeat.

Dr. Keely Bennett know this all too well as she isn’t able to shift. Therefore she has never belonged. Not within her family, her pack, or in life in general. She’s found solace in her ability to heal. The sting of not fitting in, not being good enough has followed her through life, but she’s combated it with degrees in both human and veterinary medicine. Now as a healer, she feels she’s found her place.

Then she meets her mate, the most powerful alpha on the east coast, and all those terrible feelings come surging back. He doesn’t care that she can’t shift. His pack does.


Sounds interesting. Let’s take a peek at D.R.’s latest book in The Dragon Chronicles.


The Dragon Chronicles Book 2: Shifting

by D.R. Grady


A vehicle careened into the compound. It scattered wolves as it barreled into the circle, and with a screeching of brakes that nearly burst his eardrums, halted right in front of him.

The crazy driver spilled from the vehicle and the fresh scent of his mate soothed the fire. Keely.

He took a deeper breath, pulling her inside so it didn’t hurt as bad.

Cool fingers brushed over his face. Keely’s scent washed over him, stronger than before. “Hugh, stay with me.” Her voice was like salve to his throbbing ears.

“You need to get your brakes fixed.”

A startled laugh burst from her and still those cool fingers. Something tugged at his shirt. When had he shifted back to his human form?

He stilled and reached out to grasp Keely’s wrist. “You can’t be here.”

“Nonsense. I’m a healer. You’re my mate.” Cool morning air danced over his side where the rabid wolf had slashed him. It felt good.

Until Keely applied something that stung like fire antag poison. He jackknifed, clamping a hand over his fiery side and gaped at her. His heart leaped in his chest. She was fresh and dewy as the morning, her soothing scent surrounding him. Yet the worry in her eyes and the grim lines around her mouth stole from the picture.

“Okay, into the truck with you.” She hunkered to help him gain his feet.

“Um, Keely.” Jason stepped forward. His eyebrows touched over his nose.

“Help me get him into my vehicle.”

The command in her voice sent Jason into motion. He gestured to another man, a beta named Brian. Both men shouldered his weight as Keely yanked open the passenger door. She directed them to fasten Hugh in the passenger seat. Then she turned to his betas.

“Destroy this wolf.” She pointed to the dead brown wolf. “Make certain you cleanse the earth far below and surrounding it.”

Jason nodded. “We will.”

“Keep all the young close. Do not allow them out alone. And none of you should wander off into the woods alone either.” Keely glanced around the circle. “You also need to start arming yourselves. Shoot anything rabid on sight.”

She rounded the front of the vehicle. It took her mere seconds to turn the engine and roar out of the compound.

“Keely,” he stated, but the inferno flashed through him, turning his insides to liquid. Hugh clamped his teeth instead.

“Just stay quiet.”

“What did you do?”

“I applied something to thwart the rabies, at least slow it down. I’ve never used it on a powerful alpha before though.”

“It slows the process?”

“Yes, usually.” Her mouth tightened.


“But again, you’re a powerful alpha. I don’t know if it will work on you.”

“You can at least slow it down?” Maybe he could set his affairs and pack in order before he died.

“Yes. This way we can figure out a cure.”

His exclamation strangled as more intense heat melted his internal organs. “Baby, there is no cure for this. I’m dying.”

Her glare further scalded him. “I’m a healer.” Keely’s sniff even stopped some of the flashfire as it spread, igniting everything inside him.

Nausea churned his stomach. “I really wanted to mate with you.” Clammy sweat coated his body.

“If you give up on me, Hugh Blackwolfe . . .” Her jaw hardened.

His lips curled for a moment, before he snarled through the pain. “I love you too.”


Want to read more? D.R. Grady’s book is available at Amazon.

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deann grady headshotAbout the Author:

D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags and shoes, and also hearing from her fabulous readers!

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