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Christmas Lights


“Baby, it’s cold outside!” And we love it! Christmas time in Metro-Denver, Colorado, with a chill in the air, is one of the things my family and I adore. It just isn’t Christmas for us if it is 80 degrees.

So, one night a year, we adorn our jackets, scarves, mittens, and beanies, and we head outside to our vehicle. We drive just a little ways down the street to another one of our favorite places: Starbucks. Once we each have our drinks, we jump into the van, turn on Christmas music, and drive around looking at Christmas lights.

We love to see what different houses do to celebrate the birth of our Savior! When we lived in California, we used to drive to Rancho Cucamonga and Glendora and check out the neighborhood light displays. Those were always the best. Such creativity went into lighting up each house in those neighborhoods.

When we moved to Colorado seven years ago, we discovered they don’t have neighborhood lights like we are used to. So, we pick a few streets to drive down, ooh and ahh over the light displays, enjoy the music, and enjoy each other. My boys, husband, and I love this tradition. Sometimes, we last an hour, others we last a little less. It doesn’t matter how long we are out, as long as we are with each other


ABout the Author:

family pic Joi Copeland

Joi loves Christmas because of the beauty and wonder of how God chose to reach man. His love for us astounds Joi and she loves to celebrate this time of year! It is her favorite season!

Joi writes Women’s Christian Fiction, based on Hope and Redemption. You can find Joi and her books at Amazon.