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A Christmas Ghazel

by Catherine Castle


I love Christmas music. When radio stations begin playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving I turn on the radio and listen to the songs. The music is great, but as a poet at heart, I love the lyrics best.

Around Thanksgiving, I also start thinking about my own Christmas lyrics, aka poems, a few which have been set to music (which only I can play, because I write and sing better than I compose). Almost every year I write a new Christmas poem. I’ve been too busy to write one this year, so I’ll share an oldie I wrote with my daughter in mind.

White Christmas Ghazel echoes another tradition my daughter and I have. We make Sugar Christmas cookies from Great-Grandma’s recipe and watch the movie “White Christmas” starring Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. Our favorite song, which we always sing together, is “Sisters”.

The poem, which is part of my poetry chapbook Christmas Cacophony © 2011, is written in the Ghazel form. A ghazel is poem consisting of 5-12 rhymed couplets with the same rhyme and pattern and includes the poet’s name in the last line.


White Christmas Ghazel

By Catherine Castle

from the chapbook

Christmas Cacophony

© 2011


A white Christmas means there is snow.

White Christmas is also a musical show.

Watching the musical, they drink cocoa,

And they roll out Christmas cookie dough.

With flour-crusted hands, they doe-see-doe.

They sing “Sisters” as Bing croons in falsetto.

Their duet isn’t very pianissimo.

Catherine and her daughter sing with braggadocio.


Have you ever tried your hand at a Christmas poem?


CT Bio 8x11ABout the Author:

Catherine Castle loves every part of the holiday season. She loves the hustle and bustle of decorating, shopping, baking Christmas cookies with her daughter while they sing Bing Crosby, and the family gatherings. She especially loves the quiet, still moments on Christmas Eve when they light the candles at the Christmas Eve service and remember the reason for the season.  You can learn more about Catherine on this blog or at her Amazon