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This week we have another line-up of holiday memories and traditions from some great authors. Jodie Bailey will be leading off with a holiday stocking tradition that’s dear to her heart.

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Life Savers Story Books and Giant Candy Canes

By Jodie Bailey


Life Savers Story Books and giant candy canes.

I’m pretty sure Christmas morning wouldn’t be the same without them.  You see, I am a Daddy’s Girl, all the way.  God blessed me with an incredible father, and if this blog post was a novel long, it wouldn’t be enough to tell you why he is the amazing dad he is, but here’s one reason…

Every Christmas for as long as I can remember, there has been a giant candy cane and a Life Savers Story Book in our Christmas stockings.  There have been years Dad has had to go to dozens of stores to find them, and the story of the search is the best part of the day, but there they are… always there.

When I married my husband, the Army saw fit to move us 13 hours away from home right off the bat.  Yeah, Daddy’s Girl had a hard time with it.  My family had been bruised and beaten over the previous two years, wounded by cancer that attacked my dad’s older sister, stole her husband, and robbed us of his baby sister.  My grandmother had faced emergency bypass and a stroke.  We’d lost family friends we’d thought would be around forever, and we woke up every day wondering what was coming next.  It was rough.

And then the move.  Here I was pulled from all of my traditions:  my grandmother’s birthday on Christmas Eve Eve, oyster stew on Christmas Eve, grits and eggs and country ham for breakfast, the rounds of family visits, and “the game” my family always plays with their gifts.

I was so happy to be with my husband and his family, but I was hurting and missing what had marked the first 24 Christmases of my life.

I was on my way to the grocery store and stopped at the mailbox to grab the mail on the way.  In the parking lot, I tore open a small box…

Two giant candy canes.  Two Life Savers Storybooks.

And love.

From my dad… still looking out for his baby girl.



b941About the Author:

Jodie Bailey is a Carolina girl who is glad to be settled back there for all of her Christmases.  She’s a big believer in big family meals and Christmas Eves full of laughter and oyster stew… even though she won’t touch the stuff.  She’s the author of CBA Bestseller and Selah Winner Quilted by Christmas, from Abingdon Press and five Love Inspired Suspense titles including Smokescreen, an RT Reviewers Choice winner.  She lives in North Carolina with her husband and her daughter, and she still gets a giant candy cane and a Life Savers Storybook for Christmas every year. Learn more about Jodie and her books at www.jodiebailey.com