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deathcallers_200x300Wednesday Writers welcomes Raven Hudgins today. Raven, please tell the readers about the book that is being showcased today.

The novel that is being showcased today is my first published novel, Death Callers, which is about a young banshee who has just turned eighteen—a pivotal age for a banshee—and has her first Death Call, vision of someone’s death. What she comes to find out is her Death Call is of the human boy she used to love and whom has just come back into her life. Now she must fight fate to save him.

How did you come up with the concept for this book?

It’s a funny thing. I was trying to write something that hadn’t been done before. I did research on humanoid creatures and came back with banshees. I’ve always loved Celtic culture so it wasn’t a big feat. I didn’t have a plot though, so I used my trusty Writer’s Block kit and picked out a random sentence and went with it. Ideas flowed from that one sentence then snowballed into a full length novel.

What are you working on now? Do you have a release date for this book?

Right now I’m working on three novels: the sequel to Death Callers—Banshee Cry, Elemental Phoenix, and my NaNoWriMo project Heir Trials. I’m almost done with Elemental Phoenix, which I hope to find a home in the next few months.

Are you pen and paper writer, strictly computer, or some combo of the two?

I mostly write on my computer though I will use pen and paper if I don’t have my laptop handy. Sometimes I even write better with the feel of the pen pressed against my fingers and the words just start flowing. Those are my good days. If I’m at work I will jot down words or even write a whole paragraph on paper.

Are you a fast writer or a slow writer? What’s the most number of pages or words you’ve ever written in a day? The average number per writing session?

I would have to say that I’m a slow writer most days. It takes me a little bit of time to get the juices flowing enough to even write 1000 words. Hmm, I think the most number of pages I’ve written were fifteen in one sitting. The average number of words per writing session varies depending on if I have to get ready for my day job or not. I would have to say at least 300 words per session, which sadly isn’t a lot.

How have your reading (and writing) tastes evolved over the years? Do you still read the same genre of books you did as a teenager?

My tastes really haven’t changed much. I still read tons of YA books be it fantasy or paranormal romances like what I write. If anything I think my love for the supernatural and fantasy realms have grown. There are so many great books out there nowadays.

Do you have a favorite book? (Or books since it’s always hard to whittle it down to one.)

My favorite book/books are the Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater. She is one of my favorite authors of all times. It’s the way she creates her characters and describes their actions. Her ability to give life to her world of wolves has pushed me to try and create the same type of life for my own characters.

Do you have a day job? If so, what is it?

Sadly I do. Writing will always be my passion, but it doesn’t always pay the bills. My day job is waiting tables six days a week. It’s hard work, but it does give me inspiration at times, especially if something interesting happens.

Tell us a little bit about your hobbies outside of writing?

When I’m not writing, I’m either drawing my characters to get a better feel for them or playing a video game. The majority of the time I’m usually playing either Kingdom Hearts or some sort of first person shooter game like Call of Duty. Both games keep me pretty entertained.

It’s been a pleasure having you here today. As you say goodbye, can you leave the readers with an encapsulation of your life’s philosophy? (a quote, a Bible verse, a precept you live by or have tried to instill in your children?)

“I’m a writer. Therefore. I am not sane,”—Edgar Allen Poe. For the people who like we are crazy.


 Death Caller

By Raven Hudgins

 Aislin Gray has finally turned eighteen–the pivotal moment in a banshee’s life, but with it comes her first Death Call–visions of someone’s death. It isn’t just anyone’s death–it’s Kaelin’s, the human who left so long ago. Now he’s back and Aislin will do anything to keep it that way, even if it means starting a war.


My mother had always told me that when I turned eighteen and had my first Death Call it would change my life. I just didn’t know how right she would be. “I, Aislin Briella Gray, am a banshee, and I see death.”


“Happy birthday, Aislin!”

I turned just in time to see Kaydynce bounding toward me. Her short blond hair danced as she ran. Her arms wrapped around me and lifted me up. She twirled me around like a rag doll.

“Thanks, Kay,” I said, breathless as she let go.

My hands fumbled with the lock on my locker. It blurred and shifted in my vision. Kaydynce smiled. Her sapphire eyes twinkled with mischief.

“I can’t believe you’re eighteen now. You are so lucky. I can’t wait to turn eighteen so I can do Death Calls with y’all,” Kay squealed.

Then she sighed as she leaned against the locker beside mine, one hand pressed against her forehead like the women in black and white movies. I rolled my eyes at her antics. Out of my peripheral view, I noticed a tall, lean figure with reddish-brown hair. My heart skipped a beat. Instinctively my body inched away from the cold metal.

“You know nothing, Kaydynce, and never will,” my other friend, Teagan, proclaimed.

Her tone snapped me back to reality. I glanced at her then again to the crowded hallway, but he was gone. I glanced back to see her green eyes filled with something I didn’t recognize, never recognized until then. I had seen that expression before, I in my mother’s eyes. The look of utter desolation.

Teagan was the oldest of my little banshee group while Kaydynce was the youngest. Both Kaydynce and I studied Teagan, our brows scrunched. I had never heard so much resentment in her voice before. Kaydynce shrugged.

“Don’t listen to her, Aislin. You should be overjoyed that you finally get to be a true banshee.”

“Shhh, not so loud.”

She brushed it off, putting her arm around my waist and dragged me toward first period. I scanned the sea of students to make sure we hadn’t been overheard or at least that’s what I told myself. My eyes searched for the guy who had made my heart skip and beat on overtime. I had a bad feeling that something horrible was going to happen…


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About the Author:close up

Bio: Raven Hudgins is from a small town in Virginia called Mathews County. She loves to read as much as she does to write. She is also quite the gamer. Raven has her associates in Arts and Science. Death Callers is her debut novel.

Learn more a bout Raven at @cielorayn on twitter, facebook.com/RavensDeath