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Hi, and welcome to this year’s Holiday Reads blog series!

As I’ve mentioned before on  my blog, I love Christmas. (Check out my Home for the Holidays series running three times a  week from now until Christmas, if you don’t believe me.) I also love Christmas stories–contemporary, historical, any era.

Every year I post reviews for Christmas reads I’ve enjoyed. Since I can’t read fast enough to keep up with all the Christmas stories I’d like to read and review on this series, I’ve decided to add  a promotional section to the Holiday reads series posting blurbs and/or excerpts from Christmas reads that sound interesting to me.  In addition to the promos, I will also be posting some reviews of Christmas books I’ve read this year. So, be sure and drop by often to get your overdose of Christmas at Catherine Castle’s blog!

Author Judy Nickles is leading off the promo section of the Holiday Reads this year with her book A Very Kate Christmas. 

I hope you enjoy this year’s Holiday Reads series. And if you’ve read a great sweet Christmas romance story, leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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 A Very Kate Christmas

Judy Nickles


Two days before Christmas in the bitter cold winter of 1880, a passing cowboy investigates a cry coming from a deserted line shack on a ranch in the Texas Panhandle. He finds a newborn baby girl clutched in the cold lifeless arms of her mother. Tucking her inside his coat for warmth, he rides straight to the nearest town where the doctor pronounces her a miracle.

On Christmas Eve, Dan and Olivia Forrester, who have recently found a second chance for love with each other, see the tiny baby girl when they volunteer to  help with festivities for the older children at the local orphanage. Both know she is meant to be their daughter. “There is so much love between us,” Olivia observes. “Enough to share.”

“The Christ Child brought you, Kate precious,” her father reminds her every twenty-third of December as she celebrates the coming of the Babe in the Manger along with her own birthday.

A Very Kate Christmas chronicles ten memorable Christmases for Dr. Katherine Bancroft Forrester and the special lessons of love and compassion learned from the people she meets along the way in a century of life.


Available at Amazon  $2.99 for Kindle, $6.99 print

Want to read more about the story? Click here to read an excerpt