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Today Wednesday Writers welcomes back the author of the Lakeside Porch romance series. Katie’s fourth book in the series, Waking up to Love is now available. She’ll be talking about the wedding that takes place in this book and how she found the setting when she traveled to England. Lucky you, Katie!

Planning a Cornish Holiday Wedding

by Katie O’Boylewhite-flowers

Toward the end of Waking Up To Love, the heroine explodes with frustration when she discovers the hero has, on his own initiative, planned their wedding down to the last detail. He’s even booked the hall, ordered the flowers, and given the menu to the caterers. He and she wisely lock themselves in the library to review every detail together, and make changes as needed, until the heroine feels her wishes have been accommodated. Crisis averted, but not without tears (hers) and gnashing of teeth (his).

As the author, I had a different dilemma. What did I know about a holiday wedding in the south west of England? I’d wanted all my life to travel there, and it seemed the time had come to do just that. I booked a “Photographing the South West of England” trip with a lifelong friend. In London, we joined our merry band of photographers. By the end of the trip, I had outstanding photographs of a gorgeous area of the world, new friends, wonderful memories, and a deep appreciation for those who make their livelihood in Cornwall. And some insight into a Cornish holiday wedding.


It was our group’s good fortune to spend the first few days at Dillington House, a country estate complete with sheep, ancient oaks, and gardens that took our breath away. The moment I saw its Orangerie, I knew I was seeing the model for the reception in Waking Up To Love.

As we traveled to coastal towns and villages, I saw the hard-working practicality of the Cornish people, their dependence on one another, their humor, and their hospitality. One day our Welsh driver took his mandatory break, and a Cornish driver manned the bus. My friend and I sat up front and enjoyed a lively conversation with him and our guide about holiday traditions. Menus, gift-giving practices, gatherings, family traditions, religious observances, decorating the home, seasonal flowers. I heard about dishes like “figgy pudding” and “five-bird roast,” but mostly I heard laughter as we all shared our favorite food items and traditions.

That front-of-the-bus conversation was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Taken together, the joyful spirit, delicious details, moments spent in the holiness of old stone churches, wanderings in abundant gardens, and aromas of buffets laden with succulent goodness, I had what I needed to create a once-in-a-lifetime wedding for my hero and heroine. I hope you enjoy reading about the wedding as much as I enjoyed planning it.

–katie O’Boyle


Thanks for that great post about the book’s wedding setting. Now Katie has a treat for us–an excerpt of her latest book in the series-

Waking Up to Love.

Kyle Pennington broke Lyssa’s heart when he let her go, rather than interfere with her budding career. An ocean away now, Lyssa has fallen under the spell of golden-tongued Rand Cunningham who’s in a hurry to marry her. But Kyle is miserable without her and is willing to risk everything to get her back. Will Lyssa wake up in time to ask who she really loves?




Lyssa fixed a mug of chamomile tea and carried it into the bedroom. Moonlight streamed through the French door. Hunkered nearby was the last packing box, the one marked ‘Miscellaneous.’

She folded back the flaps. Justin had said Kyle wanted to send some things she’d left behind at Pennington House. There, on top, were her hiking shoes, the ones she’d ruined on the cliff path when the squall interrupted her last cliff walk with him.

She lifted one shoe out of the box. Padraig had cleaned and conditioned the leather. Sweet of him. She touched it all over, loving how soft and firm the leather was. The scrapes where she’d slid down the stone steps were just faint patches. The sole had not a trace of dirt or gravel or grass or salt spray.

She inhaled the smell of leather and shoe oil. And maybe a trace of rain off the Atlantic. And the scent left by Kyle’s strong square hands as he’d nestled the shoe in the box. She hugged the boot to her chest and let a few tears fall before reaching back into the box.

Just visible under its mate was a letter.



Katie O'BoyleAbout the Author: Born in the upstate-New York village known as the Birthplace of Women’s Rights, Katie O’Boyle loves the Finger Lakes in every season. She enjoys lunch with friends at quaint inns, and she cherishes the lakeside porch as a place for intimate sharing, laughter, and inspiration. To the outside world, she’s a tech-savvy college professor. In her soul, she’s a passionate author of warm-hearted romance.

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