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Expanding Christmas Traditions

By Julie Arduini


We were the family that received pajamas each Christmas Eve. It was a tradition I should have looked forward to and been grateful for, but by my teenaged years my sister and I made fun of it so much that one year there were no pajamas under the tree.

When I started to receive blue ice village pieces as a college student, I made sure I expressed my thanks. My mom’s desire was to start a tradition that I could bring with me to my own home one day, and even have the choice to add to it. Not only do I still have a blue ice collection under one tree, I have a nativity collection my parents also started that I continue to add to under a second tree.

My husband and I started the second tree tradition because of the ornaments our kids have received. I also grew up unwrapping a Christmas decoration each year. When I left home and had my own tree, it wasn’t bare. Their gifts over the year created memories and gave me a great start. That’s what we’ve done for our kids. My mom and sister also followed suit, so between our two kids, they already have their own tree full of decorations. More than that, we were intentional about finding an ornament that summarized that year for each child. My daughter has a Dora the Explorer ornament, a dance one, a High School Musical ball, and more. Our son has VeggieTales, Polar Express, and The Grinch, to name a few.

Our son is seventeen and already talking about his first Christmas when he leaves. He has a snow globe collection, nativities, and snow men of his own ready to take with him. Because those collections started with me, there will be plenty of those left long after he expands his decorations and starts traditions of his own.

Although I never kept up with the pajama theme, I’m so glad when it came to decorations that I not only was grateful for them, that I maintained the tradition and expanded it to our family’s memories.

How about you? Do you have a collection that started with your childhood?


About the Author:

Julie Arduini calls Christmas her favorite holiday and starts decorating the day after Thanksgiving. She is the proud collector of nativity scenes, snow globes, Santas, trees, Christmas bears, blue ice village pieces, but not Christmas pajamas. She lives in NE Ohio with her husband and two children. You’re invited to follow her at her Amazon page