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A Cute as can be Christmas Tree

Welcome to the first post in the 2015 Home for the Holidays series.

I don’t know about you, but I love the fall and the holiday season that follows, especially Christmas. When I was younger, and had more energy, the whole house got a holiday transformation, including the pictures on the walls. I have several extensive, themed ornament collections, a Christmas village, an on-growing nativity collection and a couple sets of Christmas dishes. Ridiculous, I know, but I love the holidays!

In the next two months, you’ll get a peek into the holiday traditions of some sweet and inspirational authors as well as several of my Christmas traditions. You’ll discover new recipes, holiday traditions you can try with your family, Christmas crafts to make, and all kinds of holiday related things. There may even be some writing related Christmas stuff, too. After all, I am a writer.

I’m anxiously awaiting each post from my guests so I can find new ideas I can add to my holiday passion.  So get ready to join some great authors  as we share our holiday traditions in Home for the Holidays!

To kick off the series, your blog hostess, Catherine Castle (that’s me) is going to be sharing a quick, cute as can be craft for crocheters.

christmas tree 2crochetedOne of the things that happens at my house a couple of months before Christmas is the yarns and crochet needles come out, and I think about what little treasures I can quickly make for stocking stuffers. I posted this Christmas Tree Ornament on Stitches Thru Time last year, but I think it’s so cute that I wanted to share it with my readers too on this year’s Home for the Holiday blog series.

I discovered a larger version of the tree (some forgotten UFO) in a box of yarn while cleaning the basement, which if you know me isn’t unusual—the discovery of craft UFOs (unfinished objects) not the basement cleaning, although that is unusual, too. It only gets a good cleaning when family or company comes. But, I digress. Anyway, I decided to shrink the tree down to ornament size.

This tree takes less than an hour to make, which still gives you plenty of time to make some for stocking stuffers. When decorated it’s cute as can be. (See decorating instructions at the bottom of the directions.)

Have fun with this tiny treasure! And be sure to come back next week and discover what’s new on Home For The Holidays!


Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornament


Row 1.Chain 10 stitches

Row 2. 1 sc, turn piece

Row 3. 10 sc in remaining stitches to end,

Row 4. Turn, chain 1, and 10 sc in remaining stitches to end

Row 5. *turn piece Chain 3 stitches, sc in back of loop next to end of chain 3. Repeat from * across to end of piece.

Row 6. Turn, chain 1, yarn over and double crochet in remaining stitches, decreasing one stitch at beginning and end of row by skipping a stitch. You should have 8 double crochet and 1 chain 3 in the row when you are finished.

Row 7-10 Repeat from * 3 times. You should have 1 chain of 3 and 2 double crochets when you reach this point.

Row 11. Chain 3 stitches, sc in back of loop next to end of chain. Repeat until you have 3 loops in this row.

Row 12. Chain 3, sc in back of loop next to end of chain. Double crochet 2, spacing in row evenly to create top of tree.

Cut off enough yarn to create a hanging loop and secure tightly.

Decorate your tree using embroidery floss and French knots stitched into the tree’s boughs (looped rows) or stitch small decorative buttons or beads on the boughs.

To make a larger tree start with a long chain base and decrease accordingly as noted above. To make a stand up tree, crochet 2 larger base trees, stitch them together at the edges, decorate, and stuff with batting.

Do you have holiday crafts you do every year?

About the Author:

CT Bio 8x11Catherine Castle loves every part of the holiday season. She loves the hustle and bustle of decorating, shopping, baking Christmas cookies with her daughter while they sing Bing Crosby, and the family gatherings. She especially loves the quiet, still moments on Christmas Eve when they light the candles at the Christmas Eve service and remember the reason for the season.  You can learn more about Catherine on this blog or at her Amazon Author Page.