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Today Wednesday Writers is welcoming back Janis Lane, author of Murder in the Neighborhood. Janis will be talking about balancing work and family today.



lilac bouquets '14One thing on my mind these days is how a person balances work and family. My particular work is with my family-run nursery where I am allowed to play with cut flowers.

In between spending time in the summer chatting gardens with gardeners, I sit and spin off into the Regency world with dukes and feisty heroines. Alternately I ride shot-gun in the squad car (in my imagination) with Detective Kevin Fowler and company solving cozy mysteries. Number three is due out soon. If I had to dream up two complimentary occupations, I couldn’t have guessed these two would be successful. For fun—I call it work—I spend time on Face Book enjoying interacting with e-friends. As most of us know, it can get addictive.

Where is family time? Sandwiched in between all the other? Occasionally I grab hubby and declare a special time just for us. A dinner out, a ride in the country, a movie, will do. I’m aware I must make room for important interactions, and certainly it can take a back seat to other interests if I’m not careful. One of my family pleasures is living in a small town in Western NY. It’s such fun, you can find cameo’s of various scenes around town when you chase the bad guys with Detective Fowler in the Murder series.

An author sets his/her own hours, but the danger is that too much can lead to a solitary life with nothing on which to draw. Discipline is called for to balance writing and family.

About the Author

Janis Lane writes in small town America and denies the rumor she uses her friends and neighbors as models for her characters.



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