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Keepsake Pocket Quilt



The wonderful women in my quilting group are teaching me to quilt. They create their own patterns and stitch beautiful quilts. I’ve always loved the colors and unique patterns in quilts since I was a child. My love of quilts inspired me to write an Amish historical series with a keepsake pocket quilt theme. My main characters work in a quilting shop. Searching for an Amish quilt, I found and purchased one from an auction with pink prints and solids and a flour sack backing. I sewed a pocket on it to show where to tuck a letter inside to a loved one. I plan to take the quilt with me to signings, and I hope it will inspire readers to want to make a keepsake pocket quilt. I plan to make my own.

Amish quilts have such detail. Their wedding, Jacob’s Ladder, and pinwheel quilts are stunning. The intricate folds in their work create a raised pattern I love. They’re soft, comfy, and pretty spread across a bed or spread over a rack. I have another quilt in pink prints and solids I’ve had for years. The more I use it, the softer it gets. It will have to fall apart before I give it up!

When my daughter, Misty was born, a sweet disabled and mentally challenged woman stitched an animal themed quilt and give it to us. It is the most precious gift we received. The stitching was crooked and the squares weren’t straight, but you can “feel” the love she put into it. Quilts bring smiles to people’s faces no matter what their design!


160 x 338_ppAbout the Author:

Molly Jebber, author, has loved quilts since she was a child. She loves the soft and warm cozy feel of the material, and she enjoys the colorful patterns. She writes inspirational Amish historical romance stories. Her keepsake pocket quilt theme series begins with “Change of Heart” released June 30th.

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