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Too Late to Think About Gardening?


Autumn is here and winter is coming, but it’s never too late to start planning for next year’s garden.

A few years ago we wanted to build a water garden. And since it’s quite the elaborate thing to do, planning, making the right choices, and searching for the materials you want to use, and ordering them will give you plenty to do throughout winter until Spring when you can begin your work.

Here’s what we did (please overlook the pictures if they’re a little blurred; they’re pretty old. J )

carole 4a

Step One: Choose the location. The right choice will help you enjoy your garden pond for many years. You won’t want it too far from your home if you plan on visiting it often. Remember that the terrain will make a difference in the size and shape of your pond.

Step Two: Choose your design. Do you want a miniature one that is easier to handle? Do you want a two or three connected and/or layered ponds? What shape do you want? A simple round (and easier one), rectangle (even easier), an eight-ball shape? This will make a huge difference in the work involved. How deep will it be? Shallow? Or deeper so that you can consider fish as an addition later.

Step Three: Decide what will go along with your pond. Do you want it surrounded with uncut stone, tile? Garden slabs? Flowers? Bushes? Rock? Do you want a deck? A gazebo? A bridge? A fountain? (If so, you need pumps, etc. to maintain it.)

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Step Four: What do you want inside your pond? Water plants are gorgeous but take work. What type of flowers and plants are you thinking about? ‘Water lilies need the sun, whereas many of the others do well in the shade. Some water plants are very aggressive and must be kept under control.

carole 5a

Fish are wonderfully peaceful and serene creatures to habitat your pond, but remember, the water must be maintained at certain ph levels. If you do. The common gold fish are colorful and fun to watch. Remember, that if you want fish and plan to allow them to winter in the pond, it must have a certain depth. If you want more expensive cold water fish, Koi are fascinating ones, but more expensive. They can taught to eat from your fingers and give hours of relaxation.

Step Five: Make a list of all materials required (liner, rocks, plants, filters, pumps, lumber, nails, etc.

Step Six: Begin researching where to purchase your materials. Local hardware and lumber stores often have items that can be purchased for your new pond. Online markets may also provide better prices. If you shop in the fall, look for discounts and sales.

Once Spring has come again and you’ve accomplished putting together your pond, not only be prepared to spend time outdoors enjoying your new addition to your property, but to have your neighbors and friends make up excuses to visit.

After all, not everyone can brag about their beautiful garden pond like you can! J


CaroleAug14 (14) croppedAbout the Author:

Gardener/writer Carole Brown has been gardening all her life in pots, plots, and wherever she can find dirt. Her favorite thing about gardening is enjoying the beautiful gardens she creates and relaxing in those spots. When she’s not gardening she’s writing suspenseful books whether it’s cozy (and/or romantic) mysteries or romantic suspenses. Although she likes to deal with tough topics pertinent in today’s world, she also enjoys writing a bit of humor and dry wit, whimsical and fun scenes too. You can learn more about her at: https://www.facebook.com/CaroleBrown.author