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 Quilt Therapy

by Cathy Elliott


Next to writing, quilting is my favorite pastime. I love plotting out the design, gathering the perfect fabric, and the actual seat-in-chair experience of sewing up a masterpiece. When it’s done, a quilt offers comfort, warmth, beauty, and even tells a story. Like writing, I find time spent quilting to be time that results in healing.

Recently, a friend of mine showed me a quilt she’d hand-quilted over many months. She called the project her “Quilt Therapy.” Before she started the quilt, she struggled with a family member over something on which they could not agree. She believed she was in the right, but knew her attitude was wrong. So, she decided to pray about it and actively seek healing for their relationship. Through quilting.

Therapy Quilt Close Up

My friend took time to pray about the fabrics and the pattern for the quilt she would make. After cutting it out, she pieced the blocks together on her sewing machine, praying as she went. And not just any type of prayer, but prayers for the one with whom she disagreed. Soon, she started hand-quilting the top to the quilt back, praying all the while. As she worked the needle back and forth through the soft batting, the prayers soothed her spirit.

By the time she finished her quilt, God had changed her heart and stitched the torn relationship back together into something beautiful. More lovely than the quilt!

So many times I have experienced healing through the craft of writing. I know it works. Now, after seeing my friend’s stunning quilt, hand-stitched with prayer, I know that works, too. I wonder how many problems could be solved with only a bit of quilting therapy?


Cathy Head Shot.5.24.14About the Author:

 Quilter/writer Cathy Elliott has loved quilts since she visited her grandmother and found herself covered by so many heavy coverlets she couldn’t turn over in bed. If one quilt was cozy, why not three?

According to Cathy, quilts are in a special class of their own: artistic endeavors, things of beauty, utilitarian, legacy-worthy, and so diverse one can never see all the patterns. They keep hands busy and as the blog post says, hearts healed. Quilters are the most wonderful people, too. They’ll share their last fat quarter if there is a need.

But when she’s not quilting, Cathy writes sweet, cozy mysteries. The newest release, A Stitch in Crime, features a special heirloom quilt known to carry the secret to great riches. Find out more about Cathy & her books at: www.cathyelliottbooks.com