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Gardening in Raised Beds

By Anne B. Cole

Living in Indiana, I have many challenges when it comes to growing veggies in my garden. This guy is one of them.

rabbitAs adorable as he is, he has the ability to DESTROY my garden in one eating!

Another challenge is the constant battle with weeds. I’ve learned to overcome these obstacles by gardening in raised beds surrounded by a three-foot chicken wire fence.

In the spring, my husband rototills the garden. Lovely Indiana soil is ready for seed and tender plants.


Next, I dig shallow trenches every three and a half feet to create raised beds. This enables me to walk in the ‘rows’ without stepping on the beds. I can easily hoe, weed, and pick veggies from the rows without compacting the soil around the plants.

garden 1

The rows also give me a place to discard lawn clippings. Grass and leaf debris from the yard is a fantastic mulch. My son empties the clippings into the rows to keep the weeds from growing and to add an organic fertilizer to the soil.

My bunny friends/enemies are watching, ready for tasty young plants and newly sprouted seedlings so I can’t forget the fence. Made from chicken wire and simple stakes, I reuse this bunny deterrent year after year.

garden 2

The garden grows and the bunny remains on the outside of the fence.

garden 3



garden 4

By July, the plants grow so much they shade out new weeds in the beds. My son continues to add grass clippings to keep the weeds out of the rows.

garden 5


We enjoy the yummy veggies all summer.





In the fall, we continue adding yard clippings, which now have more leaf debris in them. This mulch keeps the weeds down and will be tilled under in the spring when gardening in Indiana starts all over again.


What gardening obstacles do you have? And how do you overcome them? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Thanks, Catherine for giving me the opportunity to share my garden (and bunny friend) with your readers.

Happy harvest!


5aGardener/writer Anne B. Cole has been gardening in three different states over the past thirty years. Her favorite thing about gardening is watching flowers ad plants grow and thrive. When she’s not gardening she’s writing adventure/time travel/sweet romantic suspense. You can learn more about her at www.annebcole.com