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Cupid’s Angels

by Erin Bevan


CupidsAngels200Ellie Childs isn’t looking for love. She’s looking for an AC technician for the Forest Wood Senior Center in Cupid Arkansas. David White moved to Cupid to be closer to the woman he loves, his grandma. When Grandma sees the sparks flying between Ellie and David, she decides the pair is meant to be and sets out to bring Ellie and David together. But the mismatched band of senior citizens she gathers as Cupid’s Angels manage to push their targeted lovers away from each other through a series of amusing schemes.

Will the Angels’ good intentions win out, or will their plots and schemes undermine what could have been the love of a lifetime for David and Ellie?


Murphy’s law reigns in Cupid’s Angels when four well-meaning senior citizens set out to “fix” David White and Ellie Child’s bad dating relationships by pointing the pair toward what they believe is true love with each other.

Not only did the author give us a what-else-is going-to-go-wrong humorous romance with Ellie and David, she threw in something for the older, senior age readers. After all, love knows no age limits.

I especially loved Erin’s over-the-top supporting characters—Ellie’s by-default boyfriend and David’s man-chaser girlfriend. They were the perfect foils to the heroine and hero.

While this is a sweet romance—no open door love scenes, there is some suggestive language, which might not sit well with an inspirational-fiction-only reader. But for those who can overlook that, this is a book that will have you smiling all the way to the last page. You’ll find yourself rooting for the ditzy characters in the Cupid’s Angel band who manage to bungle almost every attempt to drive Ellie and David together.

A quick and easy read, I polished this story off in two sittings, the last one creeping into the wee hours of the morning. Four stars for this funny and entertaining book from Erin Bevan!

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