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MurderintheJunkyard_400Today Wednesday Writers welcomes back Janis Lane. Janis visited with us last year and talked about her cozy Mystery series. Today, she’s sharing how each of series books’ settings and characters in the small town of Hubbard, New York add to the ambience of her books. Take it away, Janis.

A Cozy Mystery series introduces the reader to a small town America setting in Western New York. As the reader meets the citizens in the first story, each character becomes a virtual acquaintance, friend or neighbor with a distinct personality which must be carried throughout the series. Sometimes, the reader forms an emotional attachment and feels like a citizen himself.


Photo by Janis Lane

Detective Kevin Fowler has vowed to keep Hubbard, New York free from the criminal element. He is challenged by even one death or one robbery. It’s small town America where citizens expect to live and raise their families free from worry. Within this setting our citizens live and our stories are told. Murder in the Neighborhood, the first book in the series, introduces us to Hubbard in the Fall, fragrant with burning leaves, falling ripe apples, and Halloween decorations awaiting trick or treaters and one serial killer.



photo by Janis Lane


The second in the series, Murder in the Junkyard, finds Hubbard with every yard covered in fragrant spring flowers. Garage sales are a spring ritual but when a body, a person disliked by everyone in town, is found in a junkyard, it’s a big deal.



In the third of the series, a work in progress, Hubbard examines the death of two elderly men whose bodies are found in a country cemetery. By this time, to the reader, the citizens are old friends and acquaintances. When tragedy occurs, we count on Detective Fowler to lead us to a satisfying ending. In this Cozy Mystery setting series, he has become our home town hero.

Thanks for joining us again, Janis. If you want to know read more about how Janis check out her interview from an earlier Wednesday Writers post.





Janis Lane writes in small town America and denies the rumor she uses her friends and neighbors as models for her characters.

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