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Moving On: A Prairie Romance

By Annette Bower

Moving On _12b Final (large) copy

The cover says it all: serene, gentle, and inviting.

Set in Canada in a summer resort town, Annette Bower’s book Moving On captures the essence of universal small town living with such charm that you’ll want to take up residence in Regina Beach and drop your canoe into Last Mountain Lake.

Trauma nurse Anna Jenkins, who recently lost her fiancé, and Nick Donnelly, an amputee soldier, are keeping secrets and  recovering from their own set of hurts. When small town life and a mutual attraction throw them together, they lean on each other, respect one another’s need for space and privacy, and in the process find unexpected friendship and love.

Moving on is a sweet, gentle romance with an organic love story and some twists and turns to keep you wondering about what will happen next. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of lake life and the quirky townspeople who insert themselves into the heroine’s life.

I’m putting the rest of Annette Bower’s books on my To Be Read Pile. If you like sweet romance I recommend Moving On. It’s a suitable story for young and old romance readers.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Four hearts for Moving On by Annette Bower.

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.