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One of the things I remember about both my grandmother’s was their love of flowers. They both grew vegetables for the table, but their passion was their flowers. My maternal grandmother’s bridal wreaths were so large and hung so far over her sidewalks, you nearly had to crawl to get between them, something that was an adventure for young children.




I believe this love of flowers skipped a generation or two. My mother never had an interest. We always had huge vegetable gardens to feed our large family, but never flowers. I love flowers, but my daughter could care less. I see my grandchildren enjoy helping me plant flowers, and they are always asking me what they are. Last year my five-year-old grandson planted a planter full of blue flowers, “Just for you,” he said.


One summer, when I was a teenager and making my own money, I spent my precious coin on flower seeds. I diligently dug up the weeds around the house, planted and watered the seeds, and was excited when the first sprouts showed their faces. Two days later our dog, Heidi’s, pups, found the freshly dug garden and decided to use it as their playground. I cried.

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My foray into gardening was interrupted with college, marriage, and many moves. It seemed every time I got flowers started and a garden developed, we moved. When I could, I dug up plants to take with me. At one of the places we lived, I found some daisies. Not too many, but when they seeded out, I pulled the tops off and spread the seeds. The following year, I was happy to see more plants. This went on for a few years, and when I knew we were going to move again, I collected the seeds and took them with me. I felt like Johnny Appleseed, only I was Tina Daisyseed.


IMG_2675We finally lived at one place long enough for me to create fields of daisies. I loved it. Now we’ve moved again and I’ve started over. It’s only been four years since I began this project at our current home, and I look forward to seeing them this year.



My pictureGardener/writer Tina Susedik has been gardening all her life in pots, plots and wherever she can find dirt. Her favorite thing about gardening is watching the brilliant colors as the flowers bloom.  When she’s not gardening, she writes sensual romantic mysteries and has developed one that involves flowers – of course. You can learn more about her at tinasusedik.com