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I’m doing double duty today. You’ll find the last Poem a Day for April on today’s blog and if you’ll hop over to the SMP Author blog, I’m talking about taking a chance on peas. Yes, you heard it right peas. That green, round veggie most of us hated as kids.

Anyway, here’s today PAD poem. It’s from day 26, and the instructions were to create ba poem using a word invented by Shakespeare. Who knew Shakespeare invented words? Not me.  No wonder I couldn’t figure out what he was saying back in high school. I chose GREEN-EYED. And I made the poem a sonnet. It just seemed right to do so being Shakespeare inspired.

The Green-eyed Monster ©


Catherine Castle


For someone who is green-eyed there seems no

ogre in her. No hint of discontent

when he looks another way. Yet I know

what lies ‘neath jaded gold. I’ve seen the wrench

and jerk of hooded emerald irises

dart backs of roaming-eyed, unfaithful men.

She’s no different than all of us misses.

Protecting what we deem our own, we send

messages males don’t see to those who dare

encroach and poach and step into our space.

No jealous bones? Hah! Men and girls take care.

Great covetousness dwells in fair of face

and unprepossessing. We cannot flee

from the green-eyed monster of jealousy.


What about you? Did you know Shakespeare invented words?