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It’s April, and the 2015 Writer’s Digest Poem a Day Challenge began April 1st.  I discovered this poetry challenge in 2013 while surfing the internet. That year I wrote 8 poems based on the 2013 prompts. It was fun. So when I remembered it happens in April I hunted up the blog posts. I’ll be sharing some of my poetic attempts in the next few Tuesday posts. Since I didn’t check on the challenge until four days into April, I’m already behind for the WD Poetic Asides blog anthology of top poems from each day of the challenge, but that’s okay. I take this challenge mostly for my own benefit, not to be part of the anthology. Today’s poem will be from day number 3—a challenge to write a machine poem.

According to Robert Brewster, WD poet and blog host of the PAD challenge, a machine could be a car or a robot, obviously, but simple machines include levers, pulleys, and screws. There’s also “machine learning” and “deus ex machina.” But there are many other ways to come at this prompt as well.

Here’s my poem, Heated Seats.

Heated Seats © 2015 By Catherine Castle

Heated leather seats

have made me soft,

hugging my chilled bones.

Halting winter’s chill.

Seated in a plush

sedan, my backside

scorns other cars,

seduced by technology.

No riding in

non-bum friendly

Neons or Jeeps.

Not for me-nevermore.

Great-Grandpa never had it so

good with his horse and buggy.

Glowing coals at their feet kept

Grandma and him warm.

Their cold bums resting on

the rough wooden seats,

they wouldn’t believe what t

he world has today…

even if they could see it.