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BeastofStratton_eBook (1) (333x500)Beast of Stratton

by Renee Blare

In Beast of Stratton inspirational romance author Renee Blare has crafted a Beauty and the Beast novella with a suspenseful, mystery twist ending.

Miles Stratton appears the beast, but architect Aimee Hart, who is spying on Stratton’s company, sees the beast’s heart.

Determined to locate her father, who went missing while working for Miles Stratton, Aimee infiltrates Stratton’s engineering firm as a secretary. Miles has been betrayed by his best friend, Aimee’s father, and is not happy to find a traitor’s daughter working at his company. Rather than deal with Aimee, a physically and emotionally wounded Miles prefers to hide. But when he discovers Aimee’s spying on his company, he can’t help but get involved with the woman who soothes his soul and holds the key to who is trying to destroy Stratton Industrial.

Beast of Stratton is a well-edited book with an interesting twist ending, but I found myself confused on several occasions. I loved the suffering hero Renee created, and the way she displayed his tender side in the care of a rooftop garden. I would have liked to have had more insight into the hero and perhaps another black moment in the story. I think this book would have satisfied my desire for deeper characterization if it had been longer and not a novella. It’s hard to really get into deep into a character in a shorter story, and I wanted to delve deeper into Miles’ angst and the history behind Aimee’s rationale for spying. Also, the ending felt a bit rushed, which I attribute to the shorter length of a novella.

All in all, Beast of Stratton was still a good read—a fast-paced page turner that even those who don’t normally read inspirational fiction might like.

Three stars for Beast of Stratton.

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review