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While perusing old posts of Stitches Thru Time, a group blog I participate in, I came across a post by fellow writer Patricia Bradley about an interesting tree you can find in Alabama, called a Shoe Tree. I thought I’d shamelessly reblog Patricia’s story today since I found it interesting. We like to travel and find funky things. And this is definitely funky.


The Roads of Northern Alabama

by Patricia Bradley

This is Fun Friday and I thought I’d do a post on some of the attractions in my neck of the woods. I live 4 miles from the Tennessee line and 20 miles from the Alabama line, and while Tennessee has a lot of interesting attractions, so far, I haven’t seen a Shoe Tree, at least not around here. And Alabama does. It’s about 35 miles from me on the side of Highway 72.  You may be wondering what a Shoe Tree is. Or, like me, why in the world would anyone throw a perfectly good pair of shoes up in a tree.

To read more about the shoe trees go to Stitches Thru Time.