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CalculatedRisk_w11459_680Calculated Risk by Zoe McCarthy

Everyone knows opposites attract, but do extreme opposites attract?

That’s the question author Zoe McCarthy poses in her book Calculated Risk when actuary Nick, who never likes to be wrong, and social, expressive Cisney, who lives by a sticky note filing system, find themselves together on a Thanksgiving weekend, each nursing recent breakups.

Honestly, when I read the author had based the plot on the probability of romance between extreme opposites, I was uncertain about the outcome. Maybe it’s because I’m more the disorganized, multitasking person who starts in one direction but forgets where she’s going before she gets there. I got Cisney right away. Analytical, slow-to-speak people, who weigh words so long that you think they’ve forgotten you spoke, exasperate me. While I know opposites attract, I also know extreme opposites can be exceedingly annoying. I was certain the hero Nick would annoy me to no end.

But he didn’t. In spite of his inability to fully communicate with the heroine, he was compassionate and charming,. And, I loved the heroine, Cisney, and the sticky notes motif which ran throughout the book. I rooted for her to break free from the old boyfriend and overbearing father and to find her path back to God’s will and into Nick’s arms.

Zoe McCarthy has taken what some might consider a dull hero—an actuary—and written an entertaining hero who meets his match in a disorganized sort of heroine whom he can’t help falling for. The author makes this extreme opposites attraction scenario work. And she does it with flair and fun.

4 stars for Zoe McCArthy’s Calculated Risk.


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

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