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Next up on my Christmas reading list is A Shenandoah Christmas by Lisa Belcastro. This 119 page novella is a free read I picked up Monday morning after seeing the author’s post on Collette Cameron’s blog.

Set in Martha’s Vineyard, Lisa has written a sweet Christmas romance with a hint of angst in it. Written as a follow-up to her other three Shenandoah books, because the author wanted to know what happened with the characters in this story, this novella stands on its own.

With a theme of trusting God and unconditional love, this love story is sweet and heartwarming. The story message is woven into the Christmas story with an inspirational flavor that is not preachy.

The author has also included the first chapters of her previously published Shenandoah series books. Since the novella was such a quick read (about an hour), and because I enjoyed the book so much, I read the sneak peek of Shenandoah Nights included at the end of A Shenandoah Christmas.

Be forewarned. If you read those tempting excerpts from the series you will get hooked. I downloaded Shenandoah Dreams within minutes of finishing this Christmas book! As far as I’m concerned that’s the best compliment I can give an author.

Five stars for A Shenandoah Christmas by Lisa Belcastro.