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Mountain Man coverFive Stars for Misty Beller’s The Lady and the Mountain Man.

My apologies to Misty for not posting this sooner. Somehow this book review dropped off my reviewing radar, but as I was getting ready to update my Goodreads listings I noticed I’d missed this one.

One look at this gorgeous cover and the story came flooding back to me. I absolutely loved this book, from the cover to the last word on the pages.

The heroine was strong. The hero tortured and their love story sweet and believable. The romance grew organically, was not forced, and I was rooting for them, especially the hero, to express his feelings long before he was ready.

The friendship between the heroine and the hero’s sister was so sweet and added a wonderful dimension to the story.

The author created a book that I could not put down, and I’m so glad to see that there are more books to come in the Mountain Dreams series.


I was given this book for an honest review.