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perf6.000x9.000.inddRich in language and Description

It took me three tries to get into this book, mostly because I was reading late at night and kept falling asleep, accidentally paging forward on my phone’s Kindle app, and then wondering who the characters I kept encountering were (there are quite a few introduced in the beginning) and how they figured into the story.

I’m glad I persevered with this story. Once I started reading during the daylight hours (when I wasn’t sleep deprived) I devoured this book in two days.

Well-written and well-edited, the author, Donn Taylor, has created a multilayered mystery that is rich in language and unordinary words. The book’s sometimes omniscient feeling POV, scene flashbacks into various characters’ POVs, poetic language, and detailed description gives the book the feel of an older, literary style rather than that of a fast-paced modern story.

The author’s use of fresh lines such as “more chance of getting hit with a streetcar in Venice” caught me unexpectedly, and I found myself chuckling at his wit. There were places in the story that I considered head-hopping, which is one of my big pet peeves, but I forgave the author because of the richness of his language. He also threw enough red herrings into the mix that I wasn’t certain about the killer’s identity. Kudos for that, Donn!

This is a book heavy with religious overtones, but I didn’t feel like they were out of place in the story. They seemed organic to the characters’ lives and overall growth.

Overall, I give Lightning on a Quiet Night four stars.

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.