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NEW Watercolor Dreams coverWatercolor Dreams is a about a young Edwardian woman who wants to follow her passion and become a watercolor artist. Her father has given her 6 months to achieve her goal, and make some sales. If she doesn’t accomplish her dreams by then, she must go back home and marry her father’s business partner, a man she can’t stand.

This is a sweet, gentle romance. The author has created some wonderful characters that you would love to know in real life. I especially liked the hero’s aunt. She’s a strong figure who made the scenes she was in pop with life. And the children in the story are portrayed well, creating a believable barrier to the heroine’s ability to pursue her dream. Also, the book is well-edited and easy to read.

Ms. Kyle created a heroine who was doing her best to follow what she thought God had planned for her life, even if it didn’t match her own desires.

This story is a  light on conflict and drama, for me. Just when I thought the author was going to ramp up the action, she didn’t, missing, in my opinion, some great chances for drama and excitement. On the whole, though, if you like sweet, gentle romances with hints of a long-past era and an inspirational theme, then you will like this book.

I give Watercolor Dreams 3 1/2 Stars.

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

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