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Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?–Henry Ward Beecher


I am without doubt a confirmed bibliophile, a disease that apparently even Henry Ward Beecher had, as well as many of America’s wealthy homeowners, as witnessed by some of their great libraries.


One of the many bookshelves in the home of poet Carl Sandburg. Every room has at least one floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Photo by Catherine Castle

So, When I read this quote I said, “Oh, that is soooo me.”

As I kid going into the library, I could never choose just one library book. Three was the minimum, and I’ve been known to go as high as seven, or ten, if I was checking out non-fiction for research or skimming. I always returned before the two-week borrowing limit was over and checked out another armload of books. Of course, back then I had the luxury of time on my side. I don’t read books as fast as I did as a teen, but I still collect them. I haven’t lost my love of books, or my weakness for the written word . . .click HERE To read more of this blog, which is posted at SMP Author site where I’m guest blogging today. I hope you’ll join me.