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Lost and FoundI just finished reading Yvonne’s Anderson’s third book in her Gateway to Gannah series, Ransom in the Rock and I’m hooked on this series.


Fifteen-year-old Lileela is forced to leave Karkar, which she considers to be a civilized world, and go back home to her native, uncivilized Gannah. Angry and bitter over what she perceives as abandonment by her parents, she wonders why they want her back after ten years. And why does Karkar demand such a huge payment for delivering her? Neither she nor her family suspects that Karkar’s true motive is revenge. Believed to be helpless, without an army or means of defending themselves, the tiny New Gannahan settlement has no hope of repelling an invasion. No hope, that is, except for One the Karkar can’t see and the One Gannahans live their lives for.


I like Christian faith novels that don’t hit me over the head with a faith message- books that can be read and enjoyed by believers as well as unbelievers, and Yvonne delivers that. The faith of the Gannahan people is woven into their lives in such a fashion that it is real and believable. There was only one passage that dealt in some depth with salvation, but it tied in so neatly with the book that it really needed to be there.


I absolutely love the alien worlds Yvonne has built, and even though book number 2 Words in the Wind is more than I would normally spend on an eBook, after reading Ransom in the Rock I shelled out the money for book number 2, because I couldn’t wait to get back to Gannah. If you like science fiction, I think you’ll love the Ransom in the Rock –The Gateway to Gannah series. I know I do.


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