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garden weeds1I don’t know what your garden looks like this year, but because of multiple writing deadlines that hit in the spring, a cold, early winter that put snow on the ground most of the season, a wet spring, and several trips across the county during weeding time, this is what a tiny section of mine looks like. Multiple this by 60×120 feet (because every section of yard except for the house and a 10 foot square section of lawn is flower beds) and you have a gardener’s nightmare.


I had to take a shot of the gully area in order to actually show you what’s out of place, because if I had taken a picture of the hillside garden you would just see green—lots of green—with no mulch showing.


This gully is supposed to be completely weed-free and the left edge of the photo should look something like this:



The right side should be weed-free, too. Instead, it looks like this:

garden weeds2


And yes, those are three-plus foot tall weeds, Canadian thistles and mare’s tail. Did you know they grow in colonies, so you don’t just get one, you get one-plus-one-plus-one-plus and so on.

Fortunately, for me (and my dear hubby who works alongside me, even though gardening is as much fun to him as changing dirty diapers) the ground is still fairly soft because we’ve had a lot of rain. It’s mid-July already and we are still pulling weeds. Even so, my fingernails ache every time we come in from a weeding session. Which, by the way, tend to be marathons because I’m always saying, “Just a few more feet.” “Just one more bag full, then we’ll quit.” “I just need a little break and we can keep going, right?”


So, you ask, what’s the point to a rambling story about Godzilla-height weeds?


Everything in moderation. Whether it’s weeding, writing, or wrangling the house chores, I need to learn moderation.


Oh, and did I mention I’ve decided to take up all the reseeding flowers and plant more maintenance free items? Like day lilies and iris bulbs, that don’t blow all over the yard or need constant deadheading or spraying and babying, and a veggie garden and Knockout roses.


Wonder where I’ll find the time to do that?


What about you? Do you need to learn moderation? If you have any suggestions, I’d like to hear them. And do any of you have any suggestions for maintenance-free plants that would do well in southern Ohio?