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My brain has been fried since finishing two major deadlines on projects I’m doing with the hubby. As I often do when the brain is dead, and I’m procrastinating before starting the next big writing project, I turn to poetry.

To give my brain a break I peeked into Pinterest to see what it was all about, and I found this amazing picture that I fell in love with.

Because of copyright issues I can’t display the photo here, but trust me, you have to click on this link to see the photo.

Some internet sites call this photo “Heavens Trail” , which is believed to be a place in Ireland where every two years in between June 10-18, the stars line up with this path.

The photographer of this amazing shot, Thomas Zimmer, calls his photo “My God, it’s full of stars.” To find out more about this amazing photo check out the links below.



Wanting to say something about this amazing photograph, I decided to pick another one of Robert Brewer’s Poem and Day prompts and create a poem. So, here is an Ekphrastic poem – a poem based on a piece of art or photography, based on Thomas Zimmer’s amazing photograph. To learn more about the photo you can check out the links below.


It’s Full of Stars Waiting at Heaven’s Trail

© 2014 Catherine Castle


Like diamonds on celestial cloth

stars are strewn ‘cross outer space,

the cosmos’ glittering pathway

to heaven’s elusive pearl gates.

Standing at the edge of earth’s end

I wait with baited breath to see

how I fit in the starry scene

the Creator reveals to me.

One speck in the great universe.

One light amidst billions above.

One soul in created eons

standing near heaven’s alcove.

If I step into the beyond

what will I unearth at stars’ end?

What glories await my coming

in the heavenly firmament?