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photo by D Hershberger

To celebrate this year’s fourth of July, I thought I’d post a couple of my patriotic poems. The first one is an acrostic (one of my favorite forms) and the second is blank verse and the third free verse. I’ve also included a couple of links to some YouTube videos of patriotic poems I found interesting, read by John Wayne and Johnny Cash.


Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful fourth of July celebration.

May God continue to bless America!



July Fourth

Join in the celebration! The grand old

Union is having another birthday.

Long live freedom!

You won’t find a

Finer country than

Ours, where liberty flies proud

Under fifty white stars and thirteen

Red, and white stripes.

There’s no better reason for celebration.

Here’s to America!

Long may She reign!

From Season’s Reflections Chapbook


Catherine Castle ©


photo by D Hershberger




photo by C. Castle

Old Glory


Old Glory flies at the edge of the shore,

her red and white stripes snapping side to side

against the blue morning sky. Seeing her

vivid colors sets my heart beating with

pride and patriotism. Did she send the

same awe into the first Americans

when they saw her flying freely? When

weary wanderers see her on the water’s

edge, do they draw a breath of joy upon

reaching the end of a long hard journey

seeking freedom, or new life dreams, or rest

from persecution, or an new homeland?


Can you live in this county and not feel

pride for Old Glory? Her stars are beacons

of hope. Her stripes pay homage to those who

sacrificed so that we who follow might

recognize what she personifies and

what freedom costs. When I see the stars

and stripes fly free in the morning’s crisp air,

I pray, “Long may Old Glory wave in the

home of the free and of the brave.”


– Catherine Castle ©





vietnam memorial nps gov


jutting from the ground, black

granite commands hushed tones.

even birds obey as

tear-stained faces search carved

names with anxious fingers.

i looked for a school friend,

a vibrant boy who left

for war so long ago.

had he returned alive

or in a flag-draped box?

thousands of names to search.

millions of tears shed on

cold, unforgiving stone.

a woman with sad eyes

showed me a book of names.

i searched the book for Dave

and wept for joy that one

young man i knew had not

died on vietnam soil.


—Catherine Castle © 2014



Do you have a favorite patriotic poem?