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Of the Persecuted (ebook cover)Review of Of The Persecuted by Angie Brashear


Angie Brashear has crafted a Christian fantasy in her book Of The Persecuted which, because of what she had said in an earlier post, I had hoped would be similar to the Narnia Chronicles, a series she said had been instrumental in introducing her to Christ. While solidly written, the book just touched on the rich magical settings I had been hoping for. Nevertheless, I found it an interesting tale of evil versus good, set in a magical setting where, for the moment, evil is winning.

There is a sweet romance in the story that as a romance writer and reader I wish had been expanded on a bit more, since I felt it was too on-the-surface for me. However, that may have been the author’s intent in order to play up the overt spiritual warfare aspect of the book, which she did.

I loved the battle scenes in this book and the descriptions of the magical, spiritual kingdom of Tuveil. I thought the dilemma she places the heroine in after the battle scene was well written and plotted, and she managed to rescue her with a twist I did not see coming. She also portrayed her major and minor villains in a chilling manner that brought them to life for me, so much so that they nearly eclipsed her hero and heroine. I do so love a really dark villain.

This might be a good book for a Christian reader’s group as the author included a series of discussion questions at the end of the book, another twist I wasn’t expecting, but a clever one.

The book ended abruptly, even though I knew I was nearing the end, leaving me wondering if there are more tales of Tuveil and the Faithfuls to be told, as the characters’ battles against evil, like our own battles, appear to be never ending.

On a 1-5 scale, I give Of The Persecuted at 3.5 rating.

I was given a copy of this book for an a honest review.