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I’m over at the Soul Mate Publishing Author blog site today talking about book signings. Here’s a snippet of the blog.

NJ sign 4

Every author anxiously awaits her or his  first book signing with hopes of selling piles of books, gaining hundreds of new readers and followers and seeing lines form in front of them as readers await a chance to speak to you. Book signings are great promotion, scary as all get out the first few times, and often not at all what you expected or hoped for. Here are ten things I’ve learned so far at the four book signings I’ve had.


  • Don’t go with the expectation that you are going to sell a huge amount of books (1-5 is the generally the total at most signings) unless you are the star attraction (i.e. well known speaker/author), have some sort of connection (like your book is set in the town you are signing in) or you are a NY Times best seller. Big sales might happen to lesser known authors, but it’s rare.
  • Take plenty of water. Talking dries out your throat.
  • If you have a choice, sit at a table with another author. It’s less lonely that way and helps to pass the time between visitors.
  • Take chocolate. Readers like chocolate, and you can keep up your energy with a few bites between visitors.
  • Take swag to pass out, and encourage the visitors to take it by picking it up and handing it to them. People rarely refuse to take something someone is holding out. I think it must be some inborn tendency we humans have.

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These are only a few tips that I’ve discovered in my book signing experience. Have you others to share?