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On April 2nd Wednesday Writers featured author Katie O’Boyle and her sweet inspirational romance Stepping Up to Love, which I’ve recently finished reading. This inspiring story of a woman dealing with her demons is well written. Brava, Katie, for tackling a hard subject like alcohol addition and abuse with a gentle hand.

Cover-SteppingUpToLoveThe heroine, Mandy, struggles with alcohol addiction and domestic abuse. As the story opens, she has finally gathered to courage to leave the abusive situation and get her life in order. Her rich hunky boss is furious for her for using one of the spa showers, but when he realizes she has been abused, he wants to help rescue her. Along the way, he falls in love with her.

Set in the Finger Lakes, Katie O’Boyle has created a love story that puts characters first and love second. As the heroine struggles to piece her life back together on the AA 12-step program, the man who loves her is willing to wait while she discovers who she is and needs to become. It’s a touching, sweet story of love and sacrifice. Well written and well worth the time.