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My husband got me a new computer for traveling, and the most frequent words he’s heard since that purchase have been, “Honey, help me!”

It’s got Windows 8 with a touch screen. (Did I mention I hate touch screens? They either scroll way to fast or not at all for me.) There are no start or close buttons. (That was lots of fun trying to figure out how to shut the computer down.)

If I get my cursor in the wrong place, things pop up of their own volition, and it’s driving me nuts. Lots of things are hidden on this computer, like my toolbar buttons. And we’ve got something called Scene Switch. (Hum. Can’t wait to see what that screws up in my manuscripts.)

There’s also something called airplane mode. Hubby says it’s a wifi icon. (What was wrong with the old icon that looks like stacked parenthesis?)

He did manage to load my word program so things don’t look too funky. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my word processing program, and I like all my buttons to remain in the same place.

As you might have guessed by now, I don’t adapt to change when it comes to my writing materials and methods. I wrote with a paper and pencil for years and years. In the 70s, at my husband’s nagging, I learned to touch type and graduated to a typewriter. In the late eighties he dragged me kicking and screaming from my typewriter to WordPerfect. Then about the time I got that figured out he pulled me yelling and biting into Microsoft Word. I wore each new version of Microsoft into the ground until the computers crashed before I’d let him move me to the next version. With each change my constant call to battle was “Honey, help me!”

Now I’m in new territory again, and he’s hearing those words every time I get on the travel computer. Oh, and did I mention … we’re graduating again—this time to a voice recognition program. I sure hope it understands the words …

“Honey, help me!”


What drives you crazy when you change to a new computer? Do you have a “honey” you go to for help?