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I’m an award-winning author, and I‘m celebrating with a giveaway of my book.

 I love saying that phrase, and I can say it now because The Nun and the Narc recently won the Beverly Hills Book Awards contest in the romance category

Beverly Hills Winner Badge

I get as much joy from saying I’m an award-winning author as I did from saying I’m an award-winning gardener the year I won my Best Hillside Garden Award from the Shaker Hill Gardening club. I went around for weeks after being notified of that win, smiling every time I thought about it.

This has been a banner year for me as my first book has finaled in so many contests:

  • The 2014 EPIC in action/adventure romance
  • The Carolyn Readers Choice Awards
  • RONE nominee in Inspirational category

To celebrate the book’s contest successes, I’m giving away an e-book copy of The Nun and the Narc to a lucky commenter. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and your email address (so I have a way to contact you if you win). Please note: if you don’t leave me an email where I can send the book, I cannot enter you in the drawing.

In case you don’t know anything about my book, here are some links to reviews and to Amazon where you can try a sample of the book.TheNunAndTheNarc2_850

In’dtale Reviews

This novel hits the ground running and never lets up! Margret and Jed are captured, escape, out-smart criminals, save a few lives, get captured again and risk their lives for each other. The romance keeps the reader guessing and wondering how the match could ever possibly work out while simultaneously hoping that it will.

Night Owl Reviews

Catherine Castle takes readers on an adventuresome journey with this inspirational mystery.


Ruth Hill:This was a delightful read that I could heartily recommend to just about anyone who likes clean romances with a bit of mystery and some Christian themes. Most of us seem to be enamored with non-traditional clergy, and I think this is a fascination with nuns–or at least I have one. Pair up a young novice with a special agent caught in a Mexican drug cartel, and you are set for a rollicking good time.


Norma Budden:Reading addicts beware! The Nun and the Narc will hook you from the beginning. You will find yourself looking at the time, deciding you can still read another chapter and still get enough sleep to get up for work in the morning. Before you know it, day breaks and, if you force yourself to put the book down, you might get 3 hours of sleep before you need to wake to your alarm clock – the moment in which you will wish there was no such thing as time or people seeking your attention.

Harlie’s Books

Ms. Castle wrote some the most dramatic scenes that I’ve read in a while.  She could write an action/thriller movie with no problem.  I really felt like I was the fly on the wall and actually cringed, ducked and held my breath.  I will also say the James Bond references were spot on.  Jed Bond!  LOL!  Priceless and needed when you are dealing with the cartel.  Also, the humor that she writes helps with the tension and action sequences, too. Don’t worry about the book being “preachy” or heavy handed.  Ms. Castle wrote a book that everyone can relate to in one way or another.  Everyone faces a life altering decision in their life, don’t they?  I just hope that the Mexican drug cartel isn’t nipping at your heels.