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Whoo Hoo! I got word that The Nun and the Narc is a finalist in the NTRWA Carolyn Readers Choice Awards Contest.


From 2003 to 2014, this book has either been a finalist or placed in five different contests. It has been a contest bridesmaid many times, but has not yet won the top spot. Like an anxious bridesmaid who has caught the bouquet at best friends’ weddings, I keep holding my breath waiting for THE ONE to come along and take me to the top of the mountain.

Contests are not always cheap, but in my opinion they are worth the money. For new writers, they can provide valuable feedback and fresh eyes on your manuscripts. If people who don’t know your story are saying the same things, then it probably warrants consideration. For published authors contests are a way to get that coveted Award Winning Author/Book tag line behind your signature or on your book cover. When others think your book is good enough to win an award, it can influence potential readers enough to purchase your baby.

I entered The Nun and the Narc in a boatload of contests this year because most published book contests are run for books with original copyrights from the previous year.  I figured I had one chance at those contests. If I don’t win any of them, I’ll look for some more next year with a longer copyright deadline.

Like the single girl, hunting a mate, I’m searching for the one that will be my winner. Good thing I’m patient.