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Happy Valentines Day! Have you received your Valentine gift yet? I got mine last night. I was on an author panel in Dayton and hubby surprised me with a bouquet of roses. I saw the roses lying on a box and thought, Oh, someone got some roses. How pretty they are. The next thing I knew, hubby grabbed them, gave me kiss, and said “Happy Valentine’s Day.” He’d conspired with one of the other authors who had purchased them for him.  I hope your Valentine’s Day will be as sweet and full of great roses Valenitnesurprises.

Today I’m going to be at  A Writer’s Life on the second stop of my Name Before the Masses Tour for The Nun and the Narc. I hope you’ll hope on over and learn something new about me. There’s a fun fact about me and one of my favorite TV shows.

Here’s a hint for writers who do interview guest blogs.

Keep a log of what you’ve said on other interviews and try to answer similar questions differently. For example, if someone asks what your favorite book is, don’t tell all of them. After all, we readers love more that one book. Keeping things fresh is challenging, but will keep your readers coming back to learn more about you.

Today question is, “What’s the biggest Valentine’s Day surprise you’ve ever received. I’ve been serenaded in a restaurant!