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The ground outside is snow covered—again, and I can hear the sound of the neighbors scrapping their snow shovels on the drives and sidewalk. We’ve had over 12 inches more snow than our area of the country normally has and we are expecting another 3 inches tonight. We also have had some of the coldest weather southern Ohio has seen in 20 years. It’s not South Dakota or Wisconsin weather where the temps are below 0 a lot, not to mention sub-zero wind chills, but it’s colder than we are used to. Thermal silk underwear and my office electric fireplace have been my friends this winter.


However, I just received my first gardening catalogue of the year.  So, you know what time of the year it is for me? Gardening time. Time to open those garden gates and start dreaming of spring and planting.  Every year when the gardening catalogues arrive, I start to get spring fever.

As I perused this year’s first catalogue I remembered I still had some pictures from my Heritage Trail Quilt Gardens that I hadn’t posted, so I decided to bring a bit of summer to the cold Midwest winter we’ve been having.

The Heritage Trail Quilt Gardens are in northern Indiana and last year I talked the hubby into driving up into Amish Country and spending a couple of days driving the quilt routes. If you’d like to see other pictures from the gardens follow these links to my Through the Garden Gates series on the Quilt Gardens.

Now to bring some summer to January’s wintery mix, here are a couple of the quilt garden photos from the 2013 Heritage Quilt Gardens.


Original Pattern “American Smalltown Pride”
photo by DRH

This is an original design entitled “American Smalltown Pride.” The entire pattern looks like this.

P1010102 (2)

The entire pattern looks like this.
Photo by DRH


“Community Roots” Photo by DRH

This pattern is called ”Community Roots” and is based on the logo of the Menno-Hof Anabaptists. The different pieces of the blocks put together imply the importance of community and working together.

Posting these quilt gardens has already boosted my spirit. Now I’ve got to get going on the next book so I’ll be ready to work in my own garden this spring.


I’m also on the third day of my Goddess Fish Virtual Book Tour. If you get a chance stop by at It’s Raining Books to learn Five Things You’d Never Guess About Me.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the flowers and the quilts—two of my favorite things that you now know I love.