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Today is the beginning of Collette Cameron’s Blog Hop and Giveaway, which I’m participating in with 23 other authors. There will be lots of giveaways, including a basket of chocolates,

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gift cards, digital and print books, and a Kindle Paperwhite. To enter the giveaway drawing and see a list of the participants and the prizes click on the Collette Cameron blog hop button at the top of the page. This is a super opportunity to get some great prizes and discover some new authors.

The theme of the blog hop is Thanking and Appreciating All those Who Supported Authors. During the hop, I’ll be posting pieces about the various people and organizations that have helped me on my road to publication. I only hope I don’t forget anyone, because a lot of people have been on this journey with me.

I don’t know about you, but for me appreciation for support starts at home. My dear hubby took over some of my chores when I seriously started on the writing road so I could have more time to write. He took me out to dinner when I got so involved in the story I forgot to cook. He let the dust bunnies grow more than he wanted and vacuumed them up when we couldn’t stand them any more. I had a magic dishwasher that started emptying itself. He wanted me to succeed and helped and supported me 100 percent.

Thanks, honey, for believing in me and doing your own laundry.


He forced me into the computer age, kicking and screaming, when I was pounding out my stories on a manual typewriter, and very poorly I might add because I was a hunt and peck typist. Then he gave me his old typing manual and said, “Learn to touch type. You’ll need it.” He could type faster than most of the secretaries in his office. So, I taught myself to type and, boy, did it come in handy!

Thanks, honey, for that wonderful lesson.

My dear daughter shared the only computer we had when we were both on deadlines—hers for college papers and mine for newspaper articles with the local press. And she proudly bragged on me to her writing teacher (who had shared with the children that she had written a book). That teacher became one of my dearest friends and a critique partner because of my daughter. When my debut book came out, my daughter Facebooked and called all her friends to let them know and urged them to buy my book. She was my first street team member before I even knew what that meant. When I had to learn how to do Facebook, she got on her site and guided me through the process over the phone. Her help was invaluable!

Thanks, sweetie, for being so proud of your mom and helping me with social media.

Thanks to the rest of my family members who bought my books, told their friends about them, and gave me their honest opinions. Becoming an author is so much easier when you have the ones who love you and know you the best in your corner.

The Nun and the Narc is one of the prizes in the blog hop. To read an excerpt click on the book.