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The other day I stumbled on The Writer’s Digest Poem A Day Challenge while surfing the internet. Robert Brewer, WD’s poetry columnist, is running a poem a day prompt with a contest for a chapbook publication at the end of the challenge. Too late to participate in the chapbook aspect, since the poems are supposed to be written within one day of the prompt posting, I decided to collect the prompts anyway and see what I could come it with for my own benefit.  I’ve posted another PAD challenge poem on the SMP author blog site today. If anyone is interested in reading another of my poems, hop on over by clicking here, and take a look. Today’s selection is a hardship poem.


When she called at eleven p.m., sick,

wanting me to hold her head, it was a


I did it anyway.

Hospital trips every day to bring her

cheer and keep the doctors in line were a


I went willingly.

Bearing her sad eyes and rants when they put

her in the locked door nursing home was a


I bore it heartbreakingly.

When she slipped away from us that April

morn and went to be with God, it was a


for she was hardship free.

Can you write a hardship poem?