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Join  me today at Ada Brownell’s blog site Ink From an Earthen Vessel where I’m talking about the writing process. Hopefully, the link above will take you to Ada’s blog without problems, since I can’t access through my computer. If you have problems with the site, please let me know and I’ll post the interview here later.


If you like to revise your work as you go along, write with your grammar check options turned on. You can not only catch misspellings but lots of other grammar problems, too. In Microsoft word there is an option to highlight passive sentences with a squiggly line. I find this very helpful as I can see my passive verbs and phrases right away and look for alternate phrasing. Those pesky passive sentences can be hard to spot as you reread your work. Remember, not every passive sentence can, or needs to, be eliminated. However many passive verbs can be switched to more active ones which can make your writing stronger.