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A few weeks ago, I guest blogged at A Splash of Romance in Your Life, and talked about how I got started writing. In that guest blog I mentioned my first published piece was a poem included in a poetry anthology called A Different Drummer. I thought it might be nice to share that poem with my readers.  So, here is the poem … Seasons


Fall in Catherine’s Hillside Garden
Photo by Catherine Castle

                         Seasons ©

In Winter when the north wind blows
madly round the house,
Jack Frost paints the window panes
and I lie bundled on the couch.
With teapot close at hand,
I wistfully dream of other days,
of surf and sun and sand.
In Springtime when the warming sun
removes the winter chill,
the snowflakes turn to gentle rain
and resurrect the daffodils.
As Winter fades away,
I rudely rush the Springtime past
and welcome Summer’s days.
And finally after endless wait
blest Summertime arrives,
with sweltering days, humid nights,
temperatures of ninety-five.
With iced tea and a fan
I suffer through the summer heat,
desiring Autumn’s hand.
                             by Catherine Castle

 What was your first published piece?