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Writing is a great job, and the fact that you can do it anywhere only makes it better, but writing from home–well, you can’t beat the perks.

I’m over at SMP Authors Blog today with a list of 10 Reasons Writers Like to Work from Home. If you want to see those, too, hop on over to the SMP blog. If, not, here are seven-different than the ones at SMP-reasons writers love to work from home.

  1. You don’t have to shower to come to work, although the family might appreciate it.
  2. You don’t have to share your Godiva chocolates with the office chocoholics, but be sure to find a good hiding place from the bottomless pit called family.
  3. You don’t have to deal with a boss. You are the boss.
  4. No one cares if you eat or drink at your computer, unless you spill soda on the keys. Then you are probably a bit upset.
  5. If you write 20 pages a day you can tell your spouse the family is going out for dinner since it took all day to write those pages.
  6. You can keep your AC as cold as you want or the heat as high as you like. You can’t do that at the office.
  7. No one minds if you talk to yourself as you work. In fact, they figure the wild gesticulations and stream of comments means you are really getting into your story.

Do you have a special reason you like to write from home?