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Elkhart Indiana’s Shining Star Pattern


Hot pink petunias and bright yellow zinnias tucked around 3,200 plus Vanilla African marigolds. Fields Blue ageratum frames the pattern.

Fleur de lis quilt pattern

At Ruthmere in Elkhart, IN


Orange Fresh Look celosia, Amigo yellow and Amigo Rose Neon celosia, Janie Red Spry marigolds, Sunstorm White vinca, natural wood mulch chips, turf grass, and Blue Danube ageratum make up this pattern.

Butterflies and Bees

At Linton’s Enchanted Garden


The bee pattern shown here is composed of Boy Yellow marigolds, Lo Grow White zinnias, natural wood chips and turf grass.  The entire quilt garden is composed of alternating bee and butterfly patterns.


Celebrity Chiffon Morn petunias, Hawaii Blue ageratum, and Lo Grow White zinnias make up the butterfly in this pattern.

Look for more of these beautiful quilt gardens in upcoming Through the Garden Gates blog posts.

Have you ever seen gardens like these?