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I’m over at regency romance author Collette Cameron’s blog today with an interview and a new excerpt from my book The Nun and the Narc. If you get a chance come on over and drop me a line or two. Click on this link http://blueroseromance.com/

Today’s Guest blogging writing tip is:

Make your reader want to keep turning the pages by posing new story questions at the end of scenes or chapters. Every story question you pose propels the reader and your story forward. In The Nun and the Narc, one of the story questions I presented to readers was “Will Sister Margaret Mary find Rafael and be able to talk him out of leaving home?” When they met the hero, Jed, I wanted the reader to ask “Is the boy Jed is looking for the same one Sister Margaret has gone after?”

Story questions don’t have to always be super dramatic like will the hero live or die in this scene. They just need to pique the reader’s curiosity enough to make them want to turn the next page or read the next chapter to find out what’s happening next.

Do your scenes or chapters leave the reader asking questions about what’s happening next?