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Hi, everyone. I’m over at Karen Lopp’s blog today interviewing the characters Sister Margaret Mary and Jed from my book The Nun and the Narc. Sister Margaret Mary has an unusual snack while she’s in Mexico, called chapulines. They’re crunchy and something most Americans wouldn’t eat. Hop on by the blog to find out about this delicacy that can be eaten on a stick or stuffed into a taco shell.  Click here to go to the blog.

And now for my guest blog writing tip of the week:

Show, don’t tell.

Sister Margaret Mary is an adventurous spirit. That’s partly why she’s in Mexico building houses for the poor, that and her compassionate nature. Rather than take the easy way out and say she is adventurous, I chose to show her sense of adventure through her choice of a quick breakfast meal. Whenever you want to let your reader know something about your character, don’t just say “She was short or tall, or sad or angry. Show the reader through the character’s actions. Show her reaching on her tippy toes for something, or stooping through a doorway. Let them feel the character’s emotions as they weep or the muscles tick in their jaws as they clench them in anger. Your writing will be richer and the deeper when you show instead of tell.