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I’m guest blogging at SMP Authors Blog today about my techie misadventures, of which I have  a lot. If you’re up for a little humor drop by. While I hope you’ll follow the SMP link to read my guest blog, I’m trying something different on those days I guest blog and leaving a writing tip on this site, too. If you like this idea, please leave me a comment so I know whether I should continue this option during my virtual book blog that will be coming up in the future.


One of my biggest bugaboos is the misuse of verbs as dialogue tags. When writing dialogue, don’t be afraid of the dialogue tag “he said.”  This tag practically disappears and jars readers much less than saying “That’s funny,” he laughed or “I’m sorry,” she sobbed. You can’t laugh or sob dialogue. However, you can laugh or sob so hard that you can’t speak, or you can laugh as you speak or sob. There’s a big difference between the use of a verb as a dialogue tag and a description of what’s going on.

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